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Pecan pie

with icecream and caramel sauce

KR. 2.450,-

Skyr mousse

with berries and strawberry sauce

KR. 2.500,-

Ice cream

two scoops chocolate sauce and biscuit

KR. 2.100,-

Lava cake

with whipped cream, berries and caramel sauce

KR. 2.450,-


served with fruit sauce and berries

KR. 2.500,-


Bread basket with butter

KR. 850,-

Side veggies

KR. 1.000,-

French fries with ketchup

KR. 950,-

Extra sauce

KR. 350,-


Soup of the day
served with bread and butter

KR. 2.350,-

Icelandic Smoked Char 

with bread, lemon, black caviar, 
aioli mayonnaise

KR. 2.700,-

Smoked Lamb Carpaccio

with rucola, parmesan, capers and mayonnaise

KR. 3.100,-

Lobster soup

with lobster, prawns, mussels, bread and butter

KR. 3.100,-

Caesar salad

with iceberg salad, egg, croutons, sunflower seeds, walnuts and caesar dressing

KR. 2.350,-


Beef Ribeye steak
with fries, rucola, alioli, and demi-glace sauce

KR. 6.950,-

Icelandic Arctic Char 

with potato wedges , broccoli, carrots, butternut squash purée, pesto and chicken velouté sauce

KR. 5.450,-

Magma Burger

with beef, gouda cheese, salad, bacon, pickled onion and cucumber, fries and cocktail sauce

KR. 3.600,-

Icelandic Lamb Ribeye

with potato purée, parsnip, carrot, beetroot purée, demi-glace sauce

KR. 6.650,-

Langa fish

with couscous, zucchini, spring onion, carrot purée and chicken velouté sauce

KR. 5.450,-

Grilled Eggplant  (VEG)

with vegan cheese, hummus, red pesto, polenta, rucola and vegan alioli sauce

KR. 3.800,-

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