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 is the perfect location to explore some of the most popular highlights of the South Coast of Iceland along with hidden gems.  Below are just a few attractions within day-trip range from Magma Hotel.

  • Jökulsárlón reminds people that there is quite a bit of ice in Iceland. Visitors are treated to a unique glacial landscape with enormous chunks of ice scattered about the lagoon and resting on the hauntingly beautiful backdrop of black sand.

  • Catching a glimpse of the northern lights is the dream of most travelling to Iceland during the winter season. To see the green and white hues dancing and flickering in the sky. This natural phenomenon is breathtaking in person, and Hotel Magma is far from bright city lights, making it a perfect location to see the aurora borealis.

  • Nearby Skaftafell is a region of immense beauty and a hiker’s paradise. Here, you can see glacial rivers, deep canyons and sweeping valleys, ice caves and icebergs.

  • Vatnajökull is a quite a sight. Travellers will see kilometres of white, pure ice, wrapped with blue hues in fascinating formations. Vatnajökull is the largest glacier in Europe and the third largest in the world (after glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica).

  • Lakagigar contains some of the world’s most impressive geological formations which were created during a volcanic eruption that occurred between 1783 and 1784. This was the largest eruption since the settlement of Iceland and the accompanying lava flow (Eldhraun) was the third largest on earth since the last Ice Age.

  • The Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon, which is just west of Klaustur, features a walking path along the eastern edge of the canyon offer stunning views over the plains and glacial brooks below.

  • Eldhraun is a wide lava field that has thick green moss enveloping the jagged and hard edges. The colours are striking with the bright greens of the moss against the smoky hues of lava and the blue skies.

  • New natural ice caves form each winter and guided tours are a spectacular way to spend a couple of hours. You can admire the blue, white and clear ice, marveling at how the light changes the tones and hues.

  • Guests at Magma Hotel can enjoy the varied birdlife in nearby surroundings, catching a glimpse of Whooper swans, Arctic terns, Great Northern Divers, Whimbrels, geese, Redwings and more.

  • You can do a short hike from the hotel to Eldhraun and around the lake, where you can see stunning nature including moss covered lava, pseudo craters and a great view over the lava field toward nearby glaciers.

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